Using 6 Basic Charts to Create Effective Reports

Numerical data is the prevalent output of every study, be it sociology or quantum mechanics. It is also used in every sphere of science and technology. Cognitive studies carried out within the aerospace industry show that numerical data is understood faster when shown in a visual way. Moreover, charts represent trend and illustrate ratio.

Designing Informational Dashboards

Data-driven applications are crucial for delivering important business insights, which are now part of any online enterprise. Customers tend to utilize single interactive and intuitive user interfaces to visualize their data. Moreover, the informational dashboards are increasingly being used in tracking everyday activities such as summary of current usage, cost and balance of an online account, daily test reports or fitness exercise statistics.

JavaScript MaskedTextBox - Fast And Easy To Use

In almost every developer's practice have occurred cases when a rapid, efficient and easy solution is needed for a restricted textbox which obeys input to predefined or custom defined rules. Instead of wasting time wondering how to verify different zip codes, telephone numbers, elaborate identification numbers etc. it is easy using a maskedtextbox and with a small effort to achieve great results. ShieldUI Lite gives you the ease to comfortably solve such business tasks with ease.

7 Reasons to Choose Bootstrap

Bootstrap has prevailed as one of the most widely used front-end systems. There is a large number of alternative frameworks, such as Foundation, Fbootstrapp, BootMetro and Kickstrap. However, there are good reasons why Bootstrap has become so popular. This blog lists just some of the reasons why you should choose Bootstrap too.


Great Resources for Free Stock Photos and Images

After a recent post on bootstrap resources, we at the ShieldUI web team division, decided to add another useful entry, this time dedicated to free stock images and photos.

When working on any web presentation, it is often times the case that one finds himself in need of visual materials. While glyphs and fonts do offer some initial relief of such a task, each site and many smaller sections need good resolution images in order to offer a fully developed design.


ShieldUI jQuery CheckBox Widget

In this blog post, we look at the ShieldUI CheckBox widget. This control is small and simple, just like the standard check-box control, but its addition to the ShieldUI suite provides an increased level of unification of API, look and feel across products.

This widget extends the functionality of the standard checkbox HTML input element by adding a third "undetermined" state in addition to the standard "checked" and "unchecked" ones, usable for implementing complex functionalities.

A standard presentation of the control looks like this:


Useful Bootstrap Resources

In this blog entry, we look at some of the most useful Bootstrap resources. These are all hand-picked and are a great place to start, when looking for resources for your next Bootstrap project or implementation.


New JavaScript Widgets by Shield UI

ShieldUI recently announced the addition of a new set of tools to its Web Development Suite. The company rolled out a set of twelve new controls, which aim to boost the component offering and complement the flagship of the suite – the chart and grid controls.

Chrome32 Update Causes Website Visual Issues

The latest Chrome version, 32, brings a new set of changes to users and developers. In addition to the Chrome OS look and feel modifications, Google has also altered the way the scrollTop property is calculated. Prior to Chrome 32 the document.body.scrollTop returned 0. This is caused by the Doctype in standard mode. More information on this is available in threads similar to this one.

QR Code - Structure, Usage and Applications

This article contains some useful information on the QR Code - a data visualization tool with an emerging importance in today's web.


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