JavaScript Framework Shield UI

Shield UI is a versatile, multi-platform user interface library that has been dynamically enhanced since 2013. It delivers powerful UI/UX widgets with proven performance history, that can be seamlessly used in most business scenarios. This comprehensive solution comes with an ample set of intuitive customization options.

The Shield UI toolkit enables the development of stunning and interactive interfaces in web and mobile projects. It delivers comprehensive online documentation and examples, along with best-in-class responsiveness and direct 24/7 support.

Accelerate your design and implementation process by leveraging the Shield UI JavaScript framework and its server-side platform wrappers for ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core and JAVA Apache Wicket.

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Rich User Experience for your Apps

Chart Example

Plot Advanced Charts

Use the Shield UI Charting component to render sophisticated graphics for your web projects. Generated charts are responsive and interactive, and they run on any devices.

The Chart component supports zooming and scrolling, selection, multiple axes, text and tooltip formatting, exporting and more key functionalities. It is written entirely in JavaScript, therefore providing multiplatform compatibility and exceptional performance.

Enterprise-feature Grid

The Shield UI Grid component is an intuitive and flexible data grid rendering tool, capable of visualizing all kinds of tabular data. It supports many highly-customizable configuration options like paging, sorting and filtering, grouping and aggregates, column moving and freezing, editing, exporting, custom event handling, keyboard navigation and many more.

The Shield UI Grid is optimized for performance and can be connected to any type of local or remote data, straight out-of-the-box. Take benefit from the unique data binding design that simplifies operations, exposes a flexible api and delivers unmatched speed for large data sets.

Grid Example