5 Key Factors for a Successful Software Team

Software teams that deliver amazing ideas and develop popular products and services, are built with the magic blend of highly motivated top professionals that are chasing common goals, employing the right tools that fit around their project.

These teams are the heart of growing companies that want to deliver new products and services well ahead of their competition.

Having said that, there are certain features that many of the successful teams share.

1. Shared Goals

Having an accurate and achievable goal is crucial for any team. Everyone on board should know what they are aiming for and why. Great teams encourage the sense of shared mission where success is everyone’s win.

2. Collaboration

All team members need to participate actively in the process of sharing skills, information and knowledge. There is no room for strict division of effort, instead each problem should be approached collaboratively. At the team level this also means developers, testers and analysts have shared ownership for business outcomes.

3. Empowered team members

Respect, authorization, opportunity to grow and innovate are motivation factors that can’t be underestimated by crew leads. If team members believe that their work matters and creates changes then their effort becomes personally important and makes a real difference.

4. Flexibility

The team resources should be sufficient enough to be able to respond to project change requests for development of new functionalities or modification of existing ones. This is critical factor for meeting project deadlines.

5. Smart development approach

Employing Component-based UI Development, creates a sustainable technical architecture, saving time and costs. This approach keeps application architecture up to date over time and allows building multiple projects that adhere to the same design principles. Components are hosted in a library from which teams can access, integrate and modify them in the development process.

All of he above factors really matter, when they are underpinned with adequate rewards and culture that values and recognises team work.