ShieldUI jQuery Window Control

The jQuery window control is the latest addition to our component Suite, which has now grown significantly. The control allows showing predefined or dynamic text and content in a windowed container. This improves content separation on the page and allows additional styled prompts.


The jQuery Window widget provides a standard window interface, with three buttons for pin, close and minimize operations. All other standard features, such as re-sizing are also present.

In addition to these basic features, the component provides additional ones, such as flexible API, events and customization options. The optimized set of settings allow fast setup for the widget. This can be either with dynamically created content, or from a pre-existing elements.

The component comes with a preset of themes, which cover many styling scenarios. Yet, its color scheme can be changed further, to fit any custom scenario. The flexibility of the component is also enhanced by the set of events, which track user interactions, such as opening or pinning the widget.

As mentioned initially, the component is part of the ShieldUI JavaScript Suite, which is a growing collection of over 40 widget types. Combining different widgets in your web development project would allow you to take advantage of the similar API, architecture and styling options, reducing the learning curve and unifying the presentation. You can see all the controls in action in the following section.