Shield UI Chart Types

When choosing a data visualization tool, it is important to pick the right set. The Shield UI Chart component offers three distinct advantages. We will briefly look at these in the next paragraphs.

Rich Feature set

The ShieldUI Charting components offer more than 23 charting types. These cover all major charting requirements - from the mainstream area and bar types, to lightweight sparklines and radar layouts. In addition to this, all charts a very flexible and fully customizable - each element can be modified either via a theme, or via custom code. This flexibility is complemented with client side events, to track user interactions. This feature set makes the ShieldUI Charting library the preferred tool of choice for web developers and designers.


The ShieldUI Charting components are part of a rich set of UI components, which enable the development of complete web sites. There are over 70 widget types, included int he ShieldUI bundle, ranging from input controls, such as numeric and masked texbox widgets, to data visualization and data tables. Across all products, there is uniform API architecture, theming mechanisms and customization options. This speeds up development and ensures uniform look and feel of finished presentations.


All 23 chart types have wrappers for ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC and JAVA, in addition to the standard jQuery plugins. This makes it possible for developers to leverage any presentation across technologies within a reduce time frame. For a complete set of features and controls, visit our online demos section, which contains fully functional samples along with all the required code.