ShieldUI jQuery CheckBox Widget

In this blog post, we look at the ShieldUI CheckBox widget. This control is small and simple, just like the standard check-box control, but its addition to the ShieldUI suite provides an increased level of unification of API, look and feel across products.

This widget extends the functionality of the standard checkbox HTML input element by adding a third "undetermined" state in addition to the standard "checked" and "unchecked" ones, usable for implementing complex functionalities.

A standard presentation of the control looks like this:

Thanks to the unified theme and api mechanism of the control suite, one can easily integrate the check box with any other widget. A common example is using the check box for triggering a selection for the grid. One such setup is demonstrated in the following example.

As demonstrated in this sample, the best approach when working on a web application project is to integrate a larger number of widgets. You can get an up-to-date look at the ShieldUI suite in the following section.