ShieldUI jQuery Grid

This blog entry focuses on the ShieldUI jQuery Grid component. The control offers table-layout rendering of data, as well a many advance features, such as sorting, custom layout and templates. The sample below demonstrates a first look at the component:

Some of the features of the component include:

  • Excellent Performance
  • Data Binding
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Paging
  • Nested Grids
  • Row Templates
  • Column Templates
  • Cells Formatting - conditional and predefined
  • Localization
  • Cross-browsers compatibility
  • Web Standards Compliant
  • Optimized Performance
  • Virtual scrolling with large sets of data
  • Large preset of prebuilt themes
  • Easy visual customization
  • Touch and Mobile device support


The control can handle large sets of data easily, thanks to its optimized rendering and virtual scrolling mechanism. Binding to one million records is not a problem and does not cause any performance hits.

Data Binding

Whether you need to load the data from a remote XML file, or want to create the grid from a local table, each scenario can be easily handled. The control has a tight integration with the ShieldUI DataSource component, which allows easy data-source manipulations, through the intuitive API.


The control supports both single-column sorting, as well as multi-column sorting. In addition to this, the control exposes flexible api to allow sorting it via code.

Hierarchy and Details

The control supports hierarchical layout out-of-the-box. This ensures the flexible rendering options for the control and is setup easily and intuitively. In addition to the hierarchical rendering mode, the ShieldUI Grid control also supports rendering for row details. This allows the provision of additional data below each row, whenever there are space considerations or special layout requirements.


The ShieldUI Grid control is fully customizable. This allows customizing either individual items and sections of the control, or crafting your own theme.

For a fully functional demonstration of the control, please visit our online demos section.