ShieldUI jQuery Grid Editing Support

Our development team recently added a new and highly anticipated feature to our jQuery Grid component - editing. This enhancement impacts both the Grid and the Data-source components, which both received major updates, to facilitate the functionality.


The editing feature allows end users to modify the records, rendered in the Grid layout, and persist these changes to the underlying data source. Although this feature is new to the ShieldUI Grid component, it is fully functional and very advanced. In its first installment, the functionality allows all standard types of editing - cell, row and batch updates, as well as external forms editing.
Cell Editing allows putting a single cell in edit mode and modifying its value. This is an alternative to the standard row editing, where a the whole row is editable. Batch Updates, on the other hand, allow putting multiple rows in edit mode and modifying and saving their values simultaneously.

Additionally, the Grid control supports an autosync feature, which is applicable for both cells and rows. It allows an update to take place as soon as the edited row or cell loses focus or the user clicks on another element. This is handy when one wants to remove all the buttons, associated with edit operations.
Binding to and manipulating data from a Web service is now possible. The following example demonstrates binding the grid component to a RESTful service.

Custom Editors are also supported for each data type. For example, a Boolean column/cell will render a checkbox when in edit mode. Likewise, a numeric column/cell will utilize the ShieldUI numeric input control, which only accepts numeric input and renders additional spin buttons to increase or decrease the value. This can be coupled with standard validation to provide required prerequisites for certain fields.

This outlines some of the newest editing options. For a complete demonstration of our latest features and widgets, please visit our demos section.