ShieldUI jQuery Masked Textbox

Today we will look at the latest addition to the ShieldUI jquery plugins list - the Masked textbox component. This versatile input widget allows customized character entry, specified by a predefined mask:

Main Features

The control allows easy implementation of dashboard and data-entry forms, which require more than standard input controls. Some of the main highlights for the widget are outlined below.

  • Lightweight - the control is optimized for performance and is lightweight and with a small footprint.
  • Customizable - the control comes with a preset of 16 themes, which cover a big range of visual scenarios. In addition, it supports custom css appending, as well as easy theme modification.
  • Masks Support - the built-in masks for the control allow the handling of any scenario preset - such as phone number, credit card, or any other specific preset.
  • Events Support - the control supports an optimal set of events, which allow additional user interaction detection.

For a full list of features, please visit our online documentation or take a look at the dedicated demos section.