Django Integration Tutorial

The Django REST Framework is a powerfull tool for building RESTful APIs based on the popular Django UI web framework. This post will demonstrate how easy it is to setup a new application using the Django framework and integrate the Shield UI JavaScript Grid component in it.

Perl Catalyst Integration Tutorial

The Catalyst MVC framework is a great tool to use for implementing small and big web projects using the Perl programming language. It provides a lot of useful functionality like session handling, authorization and request chaining, out of the box.

Using Shield UI Lite with Bower

Bower is a package manager for the web. It is a handy command line utility for managing external component dependencies containing HTML, JavaScript, CSS, font, image and other types of files. When used in a project, Bower takes care of fetching and installing the required packages, along with their dependencies, behind the scenes, which makes it ideal for front-end projects.

Shield UI jQuery Grid Integration with Ruby on Rails

The Shield UI JavaScript framework allows for an easy and straightforward integration with various RESTful frameworks. In this article we will demonstrate how the Shield UI jQuery Grid Component can be integrated with a standard Ruby on Rails application. The integration takes about 30 minutes to complete from scratch and the complete project is available on GitHub.

Export to PDF in jQuery Using Shield UI

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the most popular file format for presenting documents on all devices, operating systems and software applications. Each PDF file contains a fixed-layout document that may include text, fonts, graphics and other information.

Exporting Data to Excel in JavaScript

Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet application used nowadays on all kinds of operating systems and devices. It provides functionality for formulae calculations, graphs and charts, pivot tables, and other great enterprise features.

ShieldUI now provides the ability to export data in two wide-spread Excel file formats - XML and XLSX, which are very flexible and fully-compatible with other spreadsheet software like Apache Open Office, Star Office and others.


Responsive Bootstrap Dashboard

Today we look at creating a Bootstrap Dashboard application. This layout is increasingly popular lately. It provides both a wealth of data for the user to consider and a responsive layout, which covers a wide variety of devices.

For the sample used in this blog, I have used the ShieldUI web development framework, which offers all of the widgets utilized.
The complete sample is available for download here.

ShieldUI jQuery Grid Editing Support

Our development team recently added a new and highly anticipated feature to our jQuery Grid component - editing. This enhancement impacts both the Grid and the Data-source components, which both received major updates, to facilitate the functionality.

ShieldUI jQuery Window Control

The jQuery window control is the latest addition to our component Suite, which has now grown significantly. The control allows showing predefined or dynamic text and content in a windowed container. This improves content separation on the page and allows additional styled prompts.


jQuery Bubble Chart

Buuble chart series are similar to scatter charts. They resemble individual, disconnected points of data. Unlike scatter points, bubbles should not be used in "cluster" scenarios.

Getting Started
In order to take advantage of the functionality offered by the chart component, you will need to:


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