Using Charts to Present Alumni Statistics

When we are thinking of starting our education or starting a career it would be good to have some numbers and statistics that could make our choice easier - especially for the indecisive ones. However sometimes only numbers would mean nothing to us. Not everybody is wired up to understand the specifics of what many records and numbers mean.

That’s why what would help most people is some visual aid - in our case the charts - like pie charts, area charts and line charts. In this simple use case would use only two charts - pie chart and bar chart - to show that even with two of the simplest charts a better and easier to understand view could be offered.

Let’s assume that you have a database in which you have records for the students graduated from at least a few universities by level of degree (bachelors, masters and Ph.Ds). For visual purposes pie chart could be used to show how many students have graduated from a certain university. However this will not be enough to make a calculated choice on what is the best university for someone. Probably if you would like to be in a good university you would choose a university that have a lot of alumni and with higher level of degrees - so a bar chart is excellent choice to show how many bachelors, masters and PhDs have graduated each year from the university.

Also another type of chart - pie chart could be used to check how many bachelors and masters the university has produced as a whole or just for a specific year.

Of course being an alumnae or alumnus is not enough to like an university and to choose it for your alma mater. That why pie chart could be used again to present the diversity of professions and the companies that have employed a certain university graduate.

For example seeing that a big piece of the pie chart for your university is dedicated to software developers employed by prestigious companies might be tempted to be become a number in these statistics.

Last but not least a pie chart could be used one more time - this time to offer statistics about the salaries you could get when you graduate and have your development in a certain profession. For example seeing that a lot of graduate have decent salaries if they are alumni of a certain university will be enough to seal the deal for the university, which you have chosen.

So to sum up using just two types of charts you could show which university have the best alumni - in terms of numbers, grades, employed by good companies and most importantly high salaries.