To bind ShieldChart via ModelBinding you need to set only the SelectMethod property to the name of the public method placed into the page's code-behind file:

<shield:ShieldChart runat="server" ID="ShieldChart1" SelectMethod="GetData">
        <shield:ChartBarSeries DataFieldX="Year" DataFieldY="Salary">
DataClassesDataContext context = new DataClassesDataContext();
public IQueryable GetData()
    return from e in context.Employees
            select e;


In order to filter the data source of the data bound control and pass the filtered data to the control you could pass filter parameters to the SelectMethod. You could get these parameters from query string, cookies, form values, controls, viewstate, session and profile. For example:

public IQueryable GetData([Control("DropDownListDepartments")] int? departmentID)
    // Filter the data source based on departmentID 

The code snippet above will get the integer value of the selected item of the DropDownList with ID equlas to "DropDownListDepartments".