ASP.NET Chart Localization

To localize various chart labels specifically for your culture and to override the default localization settings you can load a specific culture from the Globalize javascript library as shown in the example below.

Note that the newest version of Globalize does not contain any culture data, so make sure to download the the bundle including the cultures from the link above.

<script type="text/javascript">
<script src="external/globalize/globalize.js" type="text/javascript">//</script>
<script src="external/globalize/cultures/" type="text/javascript">//</script>
<shield:ShieldChart ID="ShieldChart1" Width="100%" Height="400px" runat="server" 

    <PrimaryHeader Text="Internet usage statistics"></PrimaryHeader>
        <shield:ChartAxisX  AxisType="Datetime"></shield:ChartAxisX>
            <Title Text="Dollars per gallon"></Title>
        <shield:ChartBarSeries DataFieldY="Total" CollectionAlias="Price">

Note that you do not have to load any other files such as the Globalize core, because it is already included in the Chart bundle. This will cause all numbers, currencies and dates to be formatted and displayed in accordance with the specific culture.