ASP.NET Chart Overview

The Shield UI Chart component for ASP.NET provides a powerful charting mechanism for rendering high-quality data visualization graphs.
All graphics are rendered on the client using SVG with a fallback to VML for older browsers. Below are the main chart features:

  • Dynamic and interactive chart - ShieldChart offers animated transitions and hover effects instead of just rendering static images.
  • Different series types
  • Pure client-side rendering through JavaScript.
  • Out of the box binding to all server side data source - SqlDataSource, ObjectDataSource, LinqDataSource, EntityDataSource, etc.
  • Binding to DataSet, DataTable, or DataView and any object collection that implements the IListSource, IList, IEnumerable, or ICustomTypeDescriptor interface.
  • Various server side events for accessing and modifying the data bound series items
  • Client side data binding to JSON via the client side widget API.
  • Attractive animation effects
  • Easily customizable theming mechanism (setting single Theme property of the chart control)
  • Full DateTime support – you can bind the chart to a datasource that contains DateTime objects or strings.