Different Series Types

One can have series of different types rendered in the chart at the same time.
The series type is determined DataSeries property and contains a separate
declaration for every single chart type, such as Bar, Line, Area, etc.
Including more than one series type is achieved in the declaration of the dataseries, as
shown in the code snippet below:

    .PrimaryHeader(header => header.Text("Internet usage statistics"))
    .AxisX(axisX => axisX
    .CategoricalValues("Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun"))
    .AxisY(axisY => axisY.Title(title => title.Text("Visitor statistics")))
    .DataSeries(dataSeries => dataSeries.Line()
        .CollectionAlias("Total Visits")
        .Data(new object[]{565000, 630400, 743000, 910200, 1170200, 1383000}))
    .DataSeries(dataSeries => dataSeries.Bar()
        .CollectionAlias("Unique Visits")
        .Data(new object[]{152000, 234000, 123000, 348000, 167000, 283000}))

Each series declaration includes the datasource, set through the Data property,
along with the type of series.