Specifies the data transformation operations that are supported by the remote endpoint as an array of strings:

var dataSource = new shield.DataSource({
    remote: {
        operations: ["skip", "take", "sort", "filter"],
        read: {
            url: "//services.odata.org/V3/Northwind/Northwind.svc/Products?$format=json&$inlinecount=allpages",
            dataType: "jsonp",
            jsonp: "$callback",
            data: function (params) {
                var odataParams = {};
                if (params.filter) {
                    odataParams["$filter"] = getODataFilter(params.filter);
                if (params.sort && params.sort[0]) {
                    var sort = params.sort[0];
                    odataParams["$orderby"] = sort.path + (sort.desc ? " desc" : "");
                if (params.skip) {
                    odataParams["$skip"] = params.skip;
                if (params.take) {
                    odataParams["$top"] = params.take;
                return odataParams;

When a data operation is specified to be supported by a remote endpoint Shield UI DataSource will provide the operation parameters to the remote.read.data function that is responsible for converting the transformation parameters to a format acceptable by the remote endpoint. The component will not apply these transformations locally to the result data. In this case, the remote endpoint is responsible for applying the transformations and returning a consistent subset of the data.