JavaScript DataSource Paging

To specify page parameters, use the skip and take initialization settings when creating a new DataSource instance:

var ds = new shield.DataSource({
	data: [/*...*/],
	skip: 5,
	take: 10
}); () {
	var dataView = ds.view;
	//dataView contains paged data

To set paging parameters after initialization, use the skip and take properties of the component:

ds.skip = 7;
ds.take = 12; () {
	var dataView = ds.view;
	//dataView contains new page of data

By default skip and take operations are applied after the data is read. If binding to a remote endpoint is used and the DataSource.remote.operations array contains “skip” and/or “take”, the respective skip/take parameters are sent to the remote endpoint. In this case, the DataSource is configured for remote paging and does not apply skip and take locally.