The stop event is raised when a draggable element stops being dragged - i.e. when the user releases the mouse button.

This event can be cancelled by calling e.preventDefault() or by setting e.cancelled to true. Cancelling the dragging will cause the helper to be animated back to the original position and the original element not being moved.

The event receives the following additional properties:
- element - the visible element being dragged (can be either the original element or a custom helper);
- left - the left position of the element;
- top - the top position of the element;
- cancel - setting this to true will cancel the event;
- skipAnimation - when dragging cancelled, setting this flag to true will move the draggable element to the original position with no animation;
- domEvent - the original event.

NOTE: This event will be triggered after any related Droppable's drop event.

<div id="div1">Hello DIV!</div>

<script type="text/javascript">
    jQuery(function ($) {
            events: {
                start: function(e) {
                    // dragging started for e.element
                drag: function(e) {
                    console.log("deltas: " + e.deltaX + " and " + e.deltaY);
                stop: function(e) {
                    e.skipAnimation = true;