Triggered when a valid Draggable element has been dropped over the Droppable.

This event can be cancelled by setting its cancelled property to true or calling preventDefault() on the event object.
Cancelling the event will also cancel the Draggable's stop event.

The following additional properties are set for the event object:
- draggable - a jQuery object containing the Draggable element
- droppable - the jQuery object for the underlying Droppable element
- cancelled - can be used for cancelling the event
- skipAnimation - can be used to disable animation on the Draggable cancelled stop event.

NOTE: This event is raised before the Draggable's stop event

<div id="div2" style="width:100px; height:100px; border:1px solid black;">
    Drop items here...

<script type="text/javascript">
    jQuery(function ($) {
            events: {
                drop: function(e) {
                    if ($(e.draggable)[0].tagName.toLowerCase() == "div") {
                        // drop is valid
                        // handle it ...
                    else {
                        // drop is invalid - cancel it, preventing animation
                        // of the draggable element 
                        // back to its original place
                        e.cancel = true;
                        e.skipAnimation = true;