The tooltips shown for the built-in commands. The example below shows the default values of each command description.

<textarea id="editor"></textarea>

<script type="text/javascript">
    jQuery(function ($) {
            messages: {
                format: "Format",
                removeFormat: "Remove formatting",
                fontName: "Font family",
                fontSize: "Font size",
                foreColor: "Font color",
                backColor: "Background color",
                bold: "Bold",
                italic: "Italic",
                underline: "Underline",
                strikeThrough: "Strikethrough",
                superscript: "Superscript",
                subscript: "Subscript",
                justifyLeft: "Align text left",
                justifyCenter: "Center text",
                justifyRight: "Align text right",
                justifyFull: "Justify",
                insertUnorderedList: "Insert unordered list",
                insertOrderedList: "Insert ordered list",
                indent: "Add indentation",
                outdent: "Remove indentation",
                createLink: "Insert hyperlink",
                unlink: "Remove hyperlink",
                insertImage: "Insert image",
                viewHtml: "View HTML"