jQuery Grid Right-to-Left Support

The grid control has full support for RTL mode. It is controlled by the css styles placed into the grid-rtl.css file available into the zip file from the contributed package. In order to turn on the RTL mode of the grid widget you need to load the grid-rtl.css file and to wrap it into element with css class set to sui-rtl.
Please note the shieldui-all.min.css contins the styles from grid-rtl.css file and if you use the shieldui-all.min.css file into your page you do not need to add reference to the grid-rtl.css. Just wrapp the grid into element with css class set to sui-rtl.

<span class="sui-rtl">
    <div id="grid"></div>

$(document).ready(function () {
        dataSource: gridData,
        columns: [                
            { field: "id", width: "70px", title: "ID" },
            { field: "name", title: "Person Name"},
            { field: "company", title: "Company Name"},
            { field: "email", title:"Email Address", width: "270px"}

Online example of RTL support you can fine here: grid RTLsupport