The template which will be used for rendering column header content. By default the value of the title column option is displayed in the column header cell:

<script id="headerTemplate" type="text/x-shield-template">
    <div id="nameTemplate">
        <span class="myclass"> </span>
        Unit Price

<div id="grid"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
    dataSource: {
        data: [
            { ID: 1, name: "name1" },
            { ID: 2, name: "name2" }
    columns: [
        { field: "ID", title: "Unique Number", format: "{0:c}" },
        { field: "name", title : "Name", width: "300px", 
                  headerTemplate: $("#headerTemplate").html()  }

Online example you can find here: columns header templates