Java Wicket Chart Setup

Running the Shield UI Wicket Chart examples is very easy.

You only need to download the wicket-shieldui parent module from GitHub, which includes a module containing all ShieldUI JAVA Wicket wrappers and an example module.

Below are the instructions for running the project in NetBeans 7.0+:

1. Open the parent project in NetBeans, right click and Build it.
2. Expand the Wicket ShieldUI Parent Project project -> Modules and double click the wicket-shieldui-examples project.
3. Right click the newly appeared wicket-shieldui-examples project item in the root level of the Projects pane and Run it, choosing the target application server (e.g: Apache Tomcat or GlassFish).

A new web browser window should open, displaying demo pages for the chart and the rest of the supported widgets.