jQuery Chart events

This section contains events for the component. The available events for the chart are:

load - called when the chart is loaded
repaint - called when the chart is redrawn
click - the user clicks on the chart
zoom - called when the user zooms in or out
seriesClick - called when the user clicks on a series
seriesMouseOver - called when the user hovers over a series
seriesMouseOut - called when the mouse leaves the series
seriesVisibilityChange - called when a series is hidden or shown
pointSelect - called when a point is selected
pointDeselect - called when a point is deselected

A common declaration for the events looks like this:

    events: {
        load: handler,
        repaint: handler,
        click: handler,
        zoom: handler,
        seriesClick: handler,
        seriesMouseOver: handler,
        seriesMouseOut: handler,
        seriesVisibilityChange: handler,
        pointSelect: handler,
        pointDeselect: handler

The event args for each event are listed here.
One example is demonstrated in the following location.