jQuery Chart Legend

The chart legend is positioned automatically below the chart area, when one or more series is available in the control. It allows toggling of visibility of seris in the chart, simply be clicking on a series entry in the legend.
In addition, the legend is fully customizable.

One can control the position of the legend, by manipulating its aling and verticalAlign properties.

To disable the legend, simply use the enabled property of the chartLegend tag:

By default, the chart legend includes one item per series, in the order of series declations. This order can be invered by using the inverseOrder property.

Further, each entry in the chart legend can be modified visually. This can be done through the legendItemSettings property.

As with many of the elements in the Shield UI Chart, one can command the horizontal and vertical displacements. This is done through the x and y.

For a full list of legend settings and properties, please refer to the chartLegend section of the api documentation.