JavaScript Chart Styling the Chart

There is a number of properties, which control the appearance of the whole chart. These properties are top-level properties, which are not part of any object, sich as axisX for example.

One can easily control the background of the chart, the colors for the plotarea or the theme of the whole control. Below is a simple demonstration of some of the important properties:

    backgroundColor: '#000000',
    borderColor: 'red',
    borderWidth: 4,
    borderRadius: 5,
    dataSeries: [
            collectionAlias: "series1",
            seriesType: 'area',
            data: [233, 123, 345, 34, null]

Additionally, one can choose one of the predifined looks for the control, by setting the theme option.

For a full list of chart properties, please refer to the API reference.