jQuery Chart Browser Support

ShieldUI chart takes advantages of HTML5/CSS3 to deliver high performance client-side charts and graphs across browsers and devices. ShieldUI chart supports all major browsers:

Desktop Browsers Windows Mac OS Linux
Internet Explorer 6.0+ - -
Firefox 2.0+ 2.0+ 2.0+
Google Chrome 1.0+ 1.0+ 1.0+
Safari 4.0+ 3.0+ 3.0+
Opera 9.0+ 10.0+ 10.0+

Mobile Browsers Version
Safari Mobile 5.0+
Android Native Browser 4.0+
Firefox Mobile 14.0+
Chrome Mobile 1.0+
Opera Mobile 14.0+
IE Mobile 10.0+

NOTE: Browsers in BETA stage are not supported.

In order to function, all Shield UI components need:
- JavaScript to be enabled on the browsers

For optimal performance:
- Resource caching on all browsers should be activated