jQuery Pager Themes

The ShieldUI Pager component has a wealth of predefined themes. There are a total of 16 presets, which cover a wide variety of visual styles.The themes are grouped in two categories: Light/Dark and WithGradients/Without gradients (metro themes).

  • light
  • light-gradient
  • light-bootstrap
  • light-bootstrap-gradient
  • light-glow
  • light-glow-gradient
  • light-mint
  • light-mint-gradient
  • dark
  • dark-gradient
  • dark-bootstrap
  • dark-bootstrap-gradient
  • dark-glow
  • dark-glow-gradient
  • dark-mint
  • dark-mint-gradient

The themes can be changed by loading a different theme css file on the page. All theme css files are available into the zip file from the distributed package.