QRCode widget helps you easily generate svg image representing a QRCode. After adding qrcode to the page it is necessary to configure its properties:

  • Value - specifies the text, which will be encoded by the QR component.
  • Mode - specifies the type of QR code, which will be rendered. Possible values are "numeric", "alphanumeric" and "byte".
  • Size - determines the size, in pixels of the QR code. When rendering lots of data, you may increase the size, in order to increase individual module visibility.
  • QrcodeStyle - contains settings, related to the visual appearance of the control, such as padding, color and border settings.
    • BackgroundColor - specifying the background color for the control.
    • BorderColor - specifying the color of the border for the control.
    • BorderStyle - specifying the style for the border.
    • BorderWidth - specifying the width of the qrcode border.
    • Color - specifying the color of the QRcode elements.
    • Padding - specifying the padding.

The following example demonstrates some of the properties of the QR Control in action.