TreeView Themes

The ShieldUI TreeView component has a wealth of predefined themes. There are a total of 16 presets, which cover a wide variety of visual styles. The themes are grouped in two categories: Light/Dark and With gradients/Without gradients (metro themes).

  • light
  • light-gradient
  • light-bootstrap
  • light-bootstrap-gradient
  • light-glow
  • light-glow-gradient
  • light-mint
  • light-mint-gradient
  • dark
  • dark-gradient
  • dark-bootstrap
  • dark-bootstrap-gradient
  • dark-glow
  • dark-glow-gradient
  • dark-mint
  • dark-mint-gradient

The themes can be changed by loading a different theme css file on the page. All theme css files are available into the zip file from the distributed package. You can test all themes on our demos by choosing different theme via the theme chooser positioned under each demo.