content - An object (default: UNDEFINED)

Applies different options for content initialization of the Window widget.
Here is a list of properties of the content object.

template - an object. Specifies the template of the content of the WIndow widget.

  • body - a string(default - ''). Specifies the html template.
  • data - an object(default - {}). Specifies a data object used in the template.
  • dataUrl - a string(default - ''). Specifies a data url.

remote - an object. Specifies a remote source for the content of the WIndow widget.

  • url - a string(default - ''). Specifies a remote source url.
  • iframe - a boolean(default - false). Specifies whether to load the url in an iframe or not.

The code below demonstrates the use of content option.

<div id="window" />

<script type="text/javascript">
    jQuery(function($) {
              content: {
                   template: {
                       body: 'Hello World'