Web UI Components

Easy widget setup in pure JavaScript, in any IDE. Use the freedom of client-side development.

ASP.NET server controls with advanced data binding. Client or server data, declarative or programmatic binding - have it all in one place.

ASP.NET MVC helper components for tight integration in MVC views. Model binding in a breeze. IntelliSense goodness to quickly get you started.

A tidy open-source Java Apache Wicket suite for leveraging the JavaScript development and use of all Shield UI widgets.

Data visualization power

Slick presentations, eye-catching reports, stock and live data – no layout is too complex, and no task impossible with the right tool.

The ShieldUI chart packs responsiveness, presentation and customizability to enable handling of both trivial and complex presentation tasks. Accurate data presentation, appealing design and solid architecture, all in one package.

Consider your data visualization project complete and your audience amazed.

Rich API, Intuitive design

Each project has its own custom requirements, its goals and challenges.

Being aware of this challenge, here at ShieldUI we set to develop a framework, which has a rich API and is intuitive to work with.

This allows for reduced coding time and enables the developer to meet a vast number of scenarios, meeting the end goal - a project suited for today's web.

Check our roadmap for more information about our short and long term commitments.

Trustworthy technologies

Harness the power of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS with minimal coding and no experience required.

Use technologies, trusted my millions worldwide, to ensure that your project is a success.

Enjoy an experience, which is worth your time and attention. Ensure the completion and maintainability of your project, or the smooth work of your team.

One solution, any IDE

Whether you are an experienced JavaScript developer, or prefer to code in the comfort of an IDE, such as Visual Studio or NetBeans, we have the package suitable for you.

The same feature-rich, responsive component in the environment that you are used to.

You do not have to adapt to the product to take advantage of its features – it is designed to fit your needs.

Check the pricing section for information about purchasing options