The ShieldUI jQuery AutoComplete widget allows flexible filtering of text, which is suitable for many scenarios, which benefit from reducing the number of visible elements in the control.

Its API offers precise configurations for the behavior of the control, such as the number of characters to search on. In addition to its automatic features, it exposes flexible API for direct manipulation.

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DataSource Integration

Enjoy seamless integration with our DataSource component. This allows easy data selection, filtering and extraction. Thanks to this, you can rely on a coherent, unified way of extracting your data across the whole range of ShieldUI Widgets.


Take control over the way each item in your control looks. This includes fully customizing the text, or adding visual hints such as images for all items or individual items alike.


As with any other ShieldUI widget, the AutoComplete control comes with a set of predefined themes, which ensure consistent look across products. You can also come up with new themes, to handle any specific visual requirements.