The Shield UI jQuery Barcode component allows encoding of data into barcodes, as well as easy and intuitive rendering. The simple API allows for fast control deployment and cancels out the need to have knowledge on any of the underlying barcode symbologies.

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Presently, Shield UI supports the following one-dimensional barcode types:

  • CODE-11
  • CODE-39
  • CODE-93
  • CODE-128
  • CODE-128-A
  • CODE-128-B
  • CODE-128-C
  • EAN-8
  • EAN-13
  • UPC-A
  • UPC-E
  • MSI-10
  • MSI-10-10
  • MSI-11
  • MSI-11-10

Easy Styling

Each barcode control is styled easily through its simple API and allows straightforward setting of dimensions, as well as colors.

Intuitive API

Each Barcode type is built with simple API architecture and allows easy access to its intuitive properties. This streamlines development and deployment.