The ShieldUI jQuery Calendar component for JavaScript is intuitive, feature-rich and easy to style and customize. In addition to this, like all ShieldUI widgets, the Calendar control is very fast and boasts excellent performance on both initialization and subsequent refresh operations.

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Easy Customization

Use the built-in themes, or completely change the appearance of the control. Everything is possible, thanks to the intuitive infrastructure of the control, as well as its flexible architecture. A few CSS settings can change completely the way the control looks, and successfully blend it into the layout of your application.


Localize the ShieldUI Calendar control easily, without having to write custom code. Thanks to the built-in internationalization mechanism, which utilizes Globalize.js having a multilingual/cultural layout for the widget is an easy task.


As with any other ShieldUI widget, the Calendar control comes with a set of predefined themes, which ensure consistent look across products. You can also come up with new themes, to handle any specific visual requirements.