The ShieldUI ContextMenu component is a floating menu element that appears when the user right clicks with the mouse on a certain set of elements.

It contains a hierrarchy of choises that trigger various events on click, selection and other occasions.

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DataSource Integration

Seamless integration with the ShieldUI DataSource component. This allows easy data selection, filtering and extraction. Thanks to this, you can rely on a coherent, unified way of extracting your data across the whole range of ShieldUI Widgets.

API and Events

The ContextMenu component provides a set of events and methods to ensure maximum flexibility for the cases when additional functionality is needed.

Advanced Formatting

Apply specific formatting for the menu items' text, images and other rich elements.


As with any other ShieldUI widget, the ContextMenu control comes with a set of predefined themes, which ensure consistent look across products. You can also come up with new themes, to handle any specific visual requirements.