The ShieldUI DataSource component provides out-of-the-box binding to various data sources:
  • Javascript arrays and objects
  • JSON web services
  • JSONP web services
  • XML strings and web services
  • HTML table elements

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Through its flexible configuration, Shield UI DataSource abstracts out heterogenous data retrieval into an intuitive, unified API. It simplifies working with client-side data using JavaScript and enables data sharing across different components on the same HTML page. Shield UI DataSource fully supports paging, sorting and filtering both on the client-side and server-side.

Rich Feature Set, Intuitive API

The component a rich set of features, which include paging, sorting, filtering and events support. This facilitates intuitive data source abstractions and reduces development time. The rich control API makes it easy to get started.

Full Read/Write Support

The ShieldUI DataSource component supports full read and write operations on the bound data sources. This allows web developers to save time writing web service clients and server-side communication code, and focus on the UI and business functionality of their applications.