The jQuery Grid component by Shield UI boasts exceptional performance and a high level of customizability. This page lists some of its main features.

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Load only a subset of the data to adjust the control to the screen and scenario limitations. Allow intuitive interaction for the user through the fully customizable, built-in navigation pager. Take advantage of the paging API of the control, to enable even greater degree of flexibility.


Allow end-user data sorting for the rendered data out-of-the-box. Custom api allows triggering of the sorting mechanism via code. Multiple sorting modes enable coverage for all sorting behaviors by simply setting the API of the control.


Allowing scrollable contents for the grid control is essential for situations where there is insufficient space to render the complete set data. Thanks to the ShieldUI intuitive architecture, this layout is available through a single property.

Conditional formatting

Allow easy formatting of data and layout in the grid. This can be done either conditionally, based on predefined conditions, or for whole sections of the control, such as a column.


Easily group grid data by dragging the columns with the mouse, or using the grouping API.

Aggregate Functions

Perform calculations on your data set by applying aggregate functions like COUNT, MIN, MAX, AVERAGE and custom ones.


Full editing capabilities allowing users to insert, update and delete rows or individual cells. Edit controls can be shown inline in the grid rows, or in an external form or even window. Batch editing is also supported.

Master-Details layout

Easily enable correlation of two or more grid controls. The scenarios of “master-detail” relationship between two grids are straightforward to configure, thanks to the intuitive api of the control.


Take advantage of a large number of client-side events. They allow customizing your application to the smallest detail.


Bind the control to either local or remote data. Take advantage of a unique data source control that simplifies operations, exposes a flexible api and allows unmatched performance. The control can also be easily initialized through a table on the hosting html page. Remote databinding to an xml file is also handled easily out-of-the-box.


Use the built-in exporting options to export the Grid data to different formats like Excel 2003, Excel 2007 and PDF.

Keyboard Navigation and WAI-ARIA Support

Keyboard navigation and adherence to the latest WAI-ARIA accessibility standards for building more accessible web applications for people with disabilities and assistive technologies such as screen readers.

Column and Row customization

Gain full control of the layout of you grid. The flexible grid architecture allows customization at both column and row levels. Tweaking the appearance to the smallest details is yet another powerful feature to fully utilize the control.


Binding to hundreds of thousands or even millions of records is not a problem for the ShieldUI control. It does not cause any performance hits, thanks to the optimized virtualization mechanism of the control, which loads only the required records for the current view.

Reduce the development time and speed up the performance your application by:

  • Reducing postbacks for better user experience
  • Producing minimal amount of clean HTML and CSS
  • Decreasing memory usage and having code free from memory leaks
  • Minimizing JavaScript footprint by only loading records, which are needed