The ShieldUI TreeView widget is a flexible user interface component for presenting hierarchical views of data.

It supports mulitple level nesting, checkboxes, drag and drop, templates, rich API and events.

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DataSource Integration

Seamless integration with the ShieldUI DataSource component. This allows easy data selection, filtering and extraction. The TreeView component also supports nested and recursive data source configuration.

Drad and Drop

With the built-in Drag-and-Drop support, one can easily implement complex user experiences, classical for desktop applications such as a File Manager. This functionality can be used to handle the movement of treeview and non-treeview elements everywhere in the screen.

API and Events

The TreeView component provides a set of events and methods to ensure maximum flexibility for the cases when additional functionality is needed.

Advanced Formatting

Apply specific formatting for the visual appearance of the TreeView nodes' text, images, checkboxes, dragging and other parts of its rich experience.


As with any other ShieldUI widget, the TreeView control comes with a set of predefined themes, which ensure consistent look across products. You can also come up with new themes, to handle any specific visual requirements.