The ShieldUI Upload widget is a powerful component that allows users to upload files to a server, providing the ability to track progress, abort and remove already uploaded files.

The component uses the HTML5 File APIs, but if they are not available, it will fall back to using legacy technology.

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Asynchronous Operation

The asynchronous mode of operation allows users to upload multiple files individually and track the progress of each one of them, if supported by the browser. Browsers that do not support the asynchronous upload, will fall back to using an iframe to upload the content separately.

Advanced Formatting

Apply specific formatting for the files shown in the Upload box, like name, size, and even a preview of their content, if supported by the browser.

Drag and Drop Support

Users can drag files from their Desktop and drop them right on the Upload widget, as an alternative to the standard file selection dialog.

API and Events

Multiple events are raised by the Upload component on different actions like selecting, uploading, upload progress, cancelling, removing, aborting files and errors.


The ShieldUI Upload widget comes with a rich preset of themes, which cover most visual requirements. This makes it easy for the control to blend in with other ShieldUI components on the page.