Data Visualization

Vertical Reordering of HTML Table Rows Using Shield UI

In this article, we will demonstrate how to use the Shield UI Draggable component for changing the order of table rows by dragging them with the mouse.

Breakthrough of Modern Data Visualization Tools in The Banking Industry

Data visualization has been heavily utilized in the banking industry for years and has been inseparable part of the analytical processes that take place in the risk and reporting departments. Rarely has this process been automated in the existing banking solutions for financial and risk management. Producing some data visualization content has always been a relatively slow process, dependent on data, derived from various sources, extracted and processed through different techniques.

Data Visualization: How to Make Medical Data Meaningful

Technological innovation is instrumental in improving the way doctors treat illness and disease. Talking about digitalization, the healthcare industry is moving forwards, trying to navigate a highly regulated field that is dealing with vast amounts of complex information.

Using Charts to Present Alumni Statistics

When we are thinking of starting our education or starting a career it would be good to have some numbers and statistics that could make our choice easier - especially for the indecisive ones. However sometimes only numbers would mean nothing to us. Not everybody is wired up to understand the specifics of what many records and numbers mean.

Benefits of Using a UI Grid Component

Many designers confront problems in finding solutions for visual and organizational issues and a UI Grid component is one appropriate way of solving them. That is not the only approach but it offers multiple advantages.

Advanced Data-visualization Components

Nowadays, the business world is talking increasingly about data visualization, different web based solutions and software platforms that allow export, modelling, analysis, processing, and visualization of large database. Every large or medium business can benefit to a great extent from using these new capabilities for data visualization.

Using 6 Basic Charts to Create Effective Reports

Numerical data is the prevalent output of every study, be it sociology or quantum mechanics. It is also used in every sphere of science and technology. Cognitive studies carried out within the aerospace industry show that numerical data is understood faster when shown in a visual way. Moreover, charts represent trend and illustrate ratio.

Designing Informational Dashboards

Data-driven applications are crucial for delivering important business insights, which are now part of any online enterprise. Customers tend to utilize single interactive and intuitive user interfaces to visualize their data. Moreover, the informational dashboards are increasingly being used in tracking everyday activities such as summary of current usage, cost and balance of an online account, daily test reports or fitness exercise statistics.

jQuery Bubble Chart

Buuble chart series are similar to scatter charts. They resemble individual, disconnected points of data. Unlike scatter points, bubbles should not be used in "cluster" scenarios.

Getting Started
In order to take advantage of the functionality offered by the chart component, you will need to:

jQuery Scatter Chart

Scatter charts render individual, disconnected points. Unlike line and area charts, scatter points do not convey trends well, but are used for individual data entries.

Getting Started

In order to take advantage of the functionality offered by the chart component, you will need to:

1. Include references to all required scripts.
2. Add the control declaration along with the desired properties.


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