Vertical Reordering of HTML Table Rows Using Shield UI

In this article, we will demonstrate how to use the Shield UI Draggable component for changing the order of table rows by dragging them with the mouse.

Using Unity and Shield UI for Displaying 3D Medical Objects in the Web Browser

Choosing the right technologies for displaying 3D content in the web browser is a tough decision for any solution architect. This article provides an insight on how Unity and Shield UI frameworks are used for building the three-dimensional object rendering section of an online knowledge management system for human anatomy. The platform itself is a Content Management System (CMS), implemented as a web application with integration and rendering of 3D content in the web browser.

Benefits of Using a UI Grid Component

Many designers confront problems in finding solutions for visual and organizational issues and a UI Grid component is one appropriate way of solving them. That is not the only approach but it offers multiple advantages.

Advanced Data-visualization Components

Nowadays, the business world is talking increasingly about data visualization, different web based solutions and software platforms that allow export, modelling, analysis, processing, and visualization of large database. Every large or medium business can benefit to a great extent from using these new capabilities for data visualization.

Django Integration Tutorial

The Django REST Framework is a powerfull tool for building RESTful APIs based on the popular Django UI web framework. This post will demonstrate how easy it is to setup a new application using the Django framework and integrate the Shield UI JavaScript Grid component in it.

Explaining the Bind Method in JavaScript

Functions in JavaScript are objects. As objects, functions possess methods, including the powerful Bind method. Bind is used for setting the this value in methods, borrowing methods of other objects and for currying functions. Bind method is primarily used to call a function with the this value set explicitly. It enables us to easily set which specific object will be bound to this when a function is invoked.


Using Shield UI Lite with Bower

Bower is a package manager for the web. It is a handy command line utility for managing external component dependencies containing HTML, JavaScript, CSS, font, image and other types of files. When used in a project, Bower takes care of fetching and installing the required packages, along with their dependencies, behind the scenes, which makes it ideal for front-end projects.

Shield UI jQuery Grid Integration with Ruby on Rails

The Shield UI JavaScript framework allows for an easy and straightforward integration with various RESTful frameworks. In this article we will demonstrate how the Shield UI jQuery Grid Component can be integrated with a standard Ruby on Rails application. The integration takes about 30 minutes to complete from scratch and the complete project is available on GitHub.

JavaScript Factory Design Pattern

The Factory design pattern separates object creation from the rest of code. When creation of an object is complex or a subject to a change, a factory acts as a nice mediator. However factory needs a good design as it may lead to class explosions. A simple factory is an object which implements the creation of another object, acting as a shield from the rest of application.


JavaScript MaskedTextBox - Fast And Easy To Use

In almost every developer's practice have occurred cases when a rapid, efficient and easy solution is needed for a restricted textbox which obeys input to predefined or custom defined rules. Instead of wasting time wondering how to verify different zip codes, telephone numbers, elaborate identification numbers etc. it is easy using a maskedtextbox and with a small effort to achieve great results. ShieldUI Lite gives you the ease to comfortably solve such business tasks with ease.


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