7 Reasons to Choose Bootstrap

Bootstrap has prevailed as one of the most widely used front-end systems. There is a large number of alternative frameworks, such as Foundation, Fbootstrapp, BootMetro and Kickstrap. However, there are good reasons why Bootstrap has become so popular. This blog lists just some of the reasons why you should choose Bootstrap too.


Responsive Bootstrap Dashboard

Today we look at creating a Bootstrap Dashboard application. This layout is increasingly popular lately. It provides both a wealth of data for the user to consider and a responsive layout, which covers a wide variety of devices.

For the sample used in this blog, I have used the ShieldUI web development framework, which offers all of the widgets utilized.
The complete sample is available for download here.

Useful Bootstrap Resources

In this blog entry, we look at some of the most useful Bootstrap resources. These are all hand-picked and are a great place to start, when looking for resources for your next Bootstrap project or implementation.


Integrating ShieldUI Date picker widget with Bootstrap

Incorporating the ShieldUI jQuery Datepicker widget in bootstrap is easy, thanks to its intuitive styling mechanism. We will briefly look at some of the features of the control and see how to include it in the page and integrate it with bootstrap.
The standard date picker control allows navigation and easy selection of dates from a popup, attached on an input control. This comes handy in reservation scenarios, where quick navigation is a must.

Bootstrap Table

One of the most common layout elements, when working with Bootstrap is the table rendering. The term tables is used in different contexts to refer to the Bootstrap grid layout system, a standard HTML table, or a grid-view component or widget. In this blog, we will look at the standard ways of styling a table in Bootstrap, as well as using a responsive grid view component, nested in a Bootstrap element.

Getting Started with Bootstrap

Over the past months Bootstrap has gained enormous popularity. There is little surprise in this, given that it saves a lot of headache, when one aims to deliver a visually appealing, responsive site, which works on all browsers.

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