JavaScript MaskedTextBox - Fast And Easy To Use

In almost every developer's practice have occurred cases when a rapid, efficient and easy solution is needed for a restricted textbox which obeys input to predefined or custom defined rules. Instead of wasting time wondering how to verify different zip codes, telephone numbers, elaborate identification numbers etc. it is easy using a maskedtextbox and with a small effort to achieve great results. ShieldUI Lite gives you the ease to comfortably solve such business tasks with ease.

ShieldUI jQuery Masked Textbox

Today we will look at the latest addition to the ShieldUI jquery plugins list - the Masked textbox component. This versatile input widget allows customized character entry, specified by a predefined mask:

Main Features

The control allows easy implementation of dashboard and data-entry forms, which require more than standard input controls. Some of the main highlights for the widget are outlined below.

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