I have successfully implemented your product on an internal website that  shows donations made in our community center and tracks all donors for follow up and future donations. This has been extremely helpful and out of all the chart libraries, I found shieldui to be the easiest to implement and the most aesthetic. I have recommended this to my colleagues as well.
I am using the chart component only utilizing bar and line charts. I implemented this in asp.net as this was easier for my skill set. I have not found any other productions that were as simple to use with asp.net and did not require AJAX or JSON. I get the data from a database, prepare it into a List Array and attach is to the chart through the TakeDataSource feature. I created a dashboard for my organization to track donations made and fundraising done. It has increased production and donations already in the couple weeks of use.

Jamie Royce, Scientology Community Center Harlem

CEPALSTAT is the gateway to all the statistical information of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, collected, systematized and published by ECLAC.
Successful utilization of several types of Shield UI Charts for visualizing statistical information.

Ricardo Vasquez, CEPALSTAT - Databases and Statistical Publications

We are an association for automobile recyclers. We provide data sharing services for over 600 recyclers across the US.
The use of your product is on an internal inventory lookup facility.
We currently only use the datasource and grid controls.

Eddie Shipman, United Recyclers Group LLC

We are a small nonprofit museum in Kentucky and use Shield UI on one of our web pages.
We are primarily using the Shield UI Tab control.

James McCormick, The Aviation Museum of Kentucky

My project is a software to manage educational avaliations for teachers.
I use the Shield UI Chart components.

Andrew Ferreira, Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai

Shield UI is used by the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra, a non-profit organization, as part of their backend system to sort and filter data submitted by their coaches in the public school system.

Andrew Ferguson, Fergcorp LLC